Thursday, 15 September 2011 17:53

Modern Guide To Dating: Part 2 Featured

Have you ever found yourself wondering just exactly what you expect from men?

The group of 150 women were asked a number of questions and here is a brief summary. I would like to call it a modern guide to dating.  The guide will help you to understand some important issues and become the real mistress of dating.

1. Ex-Factor: What's acceptable?

41%    Keep it in the past

33%   Just don't cheat

27%   Annual calls are okay

2. Sexual History Talk...

8%      First date

11%    Never

29%    Before we are intimate

52%    Once we are serious


3. The Secret: My best buddy told me something in confidence. Should I tell my girlfriend?

42%    Yes

58%    No


4. Shared Interests...

69%    We should be teaching each other

14%    Itdoesn't matter

4%      They should be completely aligned


5. The Strip Club Rules

44%   Go, but no lap dances

31%   Only for bachelor parties

19%   Just don't tell me

7%     Definitely not

6. A Man Should Wear...

67%   Boxer briefs

24%   Boxers

7%    Nothing

2%    Tighty whities


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