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Modern Guide to Dating: Part 1 Featured

Let's be honest. Men and women are different. Sometimes very different and that can make dating tricky.

Wouldn't it be helpful to know what a woman is looking for in a guy and what she wants out of a relationship? So, here it is a modern guide to dating from the minds of 150 opinionated ladies. Find the real world relationship advice you can use.

How should I ask for a first date?

8%      Text

27%    Phone

0%      Facebook

65%    In person


Turn-On Traits...

49%    A sense of humor

27%    Intelligence

18%    Success

4%      Strength

2%      Looks


The Levels of Facebook Stalking...

40%    Bio section

39%    Entire profile

14%    Photos

8%     Everything … and friends


How many dates before I can invite a girl back to my place?


 18%     One date

 28%     Two dates

 43%     Three dates

 11%     Four dates




44%     Everything…keep it tidy

20%     Hairy chests, necks and backs

16%     Leave it natural


Cologne Intensity...


62%     When I'm close to you

36%     When I'm next to you


Facial Hair...

68%    Stubble

28%    Clean shaven

2%       Beard


A Guy Should Be Drinking...


61%    Liquor

16%     Beer

16%     Wine

 6%      Shots

Part 2 is coming …smiley  


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