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5 Tips on Getting Your Guy to Commit Featured

Ready to take your relationship to the next stage but worried your guy isn't quite as gung-ho about it?

If you’re really into someone, you obviously want to be the girl your guy picks over all the rest, but what if he's commitment-shy? How can you make sure you steal his heart and have it for keeps? See below for some tips.


Avoid showering him with too much attention. You want to match his pace then challenge it, not run circles around him and have him dreaming of escape. Remember that part of the excitement in dating is the chase, the thrilling uncertainty of where it’s all going to lead. Show him that you are independent, self-confident, and your own person—it’ll make him want you all the more.


Not being clingy doesn’t mean you can’t show him your sweet side on certain occasions. During one of your dates, offer to just have lunch or dinner at your place, and impress him with your impeccable cooking skills by whipping up one of his favorite dishes. You could also win his heart by getting him two tickets to that game or movie that he’s always wanted to see.


Have fun. Try new and exciting things together, especially things that probably touch on both of your interests. If you both want to try scuba diving, visit an art museum, or watch the latest foreign films, then suggest doing it together. Be open to trying out his hobbies and sharing your own with him.


If both of you are at the dating stage or at the open relationship stage, chances are he’ll still take time to meet other girls. While this is not necessarily a bad thing, you have to show him what sets you apart from and above the rest, and that’s not going to happen if you try to be the woman you think he wants instead of the woman you are.


Be a great friend to him. Show him that you’re there to listen without passing judgment or giving unsolicited advice. He’ll learn you are someone he can trust and depend on, especially during trying situations. Still, you don't want to get stuck in the friend zone, so make sure you don't pal around too much; when letting him get to know you, allow him to appreciate the fact that a good friend is just one of the roles you can fill in his life.

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