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Boo Rocks The World Featured

Boo the Dog is taking the world by storm! With a bunch of cute videos on YouTube and his own Facebook page, this loveable Pomeranian is just geting started.

When I first saw Boo on Facebook I have to be honest that I thought he was a plush toy and not a real dog. He is so cute that if ever you need to see something to make you giggle or fall in love, just check out his latest dog tricks. Whether he is doing his cardio workout, lounging around for a belly rub, this is one Boo dog that has the whole world swooning for more!
You don’t know what I’m talking about? Then you must have been one of the people who haven’t liked Boo the dog’s Facebook fan page (a fan page with 1.3 million fans), so shame on you :) Boo the dog is a Pomeranian, but getting a massive hairstyle changeover. The result, massive cuteness packed in a compact creature.
Unfortunately, no one knows who is Boo’s owner. Boo’s owner is never in the pictures on Boo’s Facebook fan page. There was one photo that only showed a girl’s legs when she took Boo for a walk. She wants to keep herself a low profile, I guess, which is fine. Though many have been wondering who the owner of Boo is.
He has to be the most hilarious-looking dog I've ever seen in my life. Just look at that face! Definitely part of Boo's never-ending charm. And those paws! Those ears! Puppies are always adorable, but puppies that are sleeping soundly are doubly so.
Wouldn't you love to have Boo stay at your house for the day?

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