Thursday, 09 February 2012 10:20

Craft Of the Day: Orange Peel Candle Featured

When we think of an orange, we might say beautiful color and amazing citrus smell, but candle? No way. 

In this Craft Of The Day, I am putting orange peels to good use and turning them into temporary organic candles. With just a little bit of oil and a steady hand, you can have your cake (er, candle) and eat it too!
What You'll Need   

Oil (Canola or Olive should work fine)
How To Make It
1. Carve your orange using a knife. (For a longer burn time, try to leave more of the orange intact so there is an overhang. Cutting the peel in half, with no overhang, should provide about a 30min burn.)
2. Be sure to keep the stem in tact as it will become your wick. 
3. Pour your oil into the orange peel. 
4. Light the top of the stem and enjoy!

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