Sunday, 05 February 2012 18:18

Kate Middleton Is Hat Person of the Year Featured

In addition to her other prestigious titles— Duchess of Cambridge —Kate Middleton can now add the prestigious accolade of, wait for it, Hat Person of the Year to her list.

Yes, Hat Person of the Year!
For Kate has been nominated the world’s most delightful headgear-wearer by the heretofore little-known Headwear Association. In an online poll conducted by the Los Angeles-based organization, which claims to have been founded in 1908, Kate received 91 percent of the vote, beating out Rachel Zoe (4 percent), Ne-Yo (2 percent), Justin Timberlake (1 percent), Bruno Mars (1 percent), and Charlie Sheen (1 percent).
While the fact that just six people shared 100 percent of the vote and Lady Gaga didn’t rate a mention makes one somewhat suspicious about the extent to which this poll reflects global opinion, Catherine Middleton is surely a fine example of the old maxim that if you want to get ahead, get a hat.

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